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Hello, I am Rox and this is my art blog. Just making finding my own artwork easier on myself.

All artwork belong to RoxasDestati.

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I present you Adam Koushiro. One of my most beloved Original Characters. He has grown and evolved intensely over the past seven years or so, only recently earning himself that haircut. He’s been with me since I was thirteen, awkward and new to roleplaying, the first drawing being the first doodle of him ever, even before he was used in a roleplay with my most influential internet friend and gained his own real story. The second drawing was done sometime in between now and then, sometime in high school I’m sure. I love this character dearly even with all the strange peculiarities that he’s gained over the years (including being a medium for ghosts and the like). I’m very proud of this stong and now grown young man that I’ve harbored since my awkward teen years.

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